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The Fake News Game

A game I created for my take home exam when I applied to art school. I want to add many more cards and publish this game eventually.

The cards have different themes. Red cards are famous people, orange cards are locations, blue cards are political concepts, purple cards are for the media, yellow cards are concepts and green cards are objects.

The Rules

1. Each players takes 3 cards at the start

2. You get two turns per round. On your turn you can decide to a. Grab a card, b. trade a card blindly with another player or c. Throw away a card.

3. Once your two turns are over you have to create your headline. The goal is to go as wild as possible Open up the cards on the table and say your headline.

4. Once everyone has said their headline every players gets to give the player with the best headline an extra point. This can not be yourself.

5. Now count your scare! The value of a card is indicated in the left upper corner. Add your score to the points you got. The player with the highest score wins and the ultimate fake news reporter!

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