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EFZ: City vs Nature edition

Cover by participants of the zine

EFZ: Cooking edition

Cover by Lotte Minkema

Everything’s Fine Zine

Everything’s Fine Zine or EFZ for short is a big project with multiple artists from different directions coming together to create a zine. The artists change every edition, just like the theme! I set it up as a way to connect artists with each other and give something back.

The first edition of EFZ was called City vs Nature and had two different zines. One about nature and one about city. It was published in May 2020, during the first lock down and was meant as a way to create something that wasn’t focused on COVID-19.

The second edition of EFZ was the cooking edition. A team of over 30 people came together to make this one a reality. We riso printed the zine, which created beautiful colors.

There are still a few zines available from out first print run. From the second run we have a bunch of posters left. You can find those in the shop here.

There will likely be a third version of EFZ during summer. You can find out more about that by keeping an eye on the zine website here.

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