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Illomax x Jop Kraaijkamp

I know too many cool incredibly talented people, so one big goal in my life is to collaborate with all of them. The Illomax x sticker collabs are a way for me to do that. For this collab I work together with Jop! We created a set of 6 fabulous stickers together.

The stickers are printed on premium sticker paper and are around 10 cm. Stickers will be hand cut until the 8th of september!

About Jop Kraaijkamp

Jop Kraaijkamp is an enthousiastic illustration student at the HKU (university of the arts utrecht). He really enjoys drawing analog imaginative animal-like characters, mostly in nature scenes. Apart from drawing with his 5b pencils, fineliners and watercolor, Jop likes to write little humoristic story’s, poems and songs. Combined with his love for puppets and puppetmaking, that’s how he made the surreal webseries “Fred the crystal metal battle head kettle vretter ingevetter, but you can just call him George”. And more is yet to come…

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