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Content warnings & smut tags

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Young Blood
CW: (Mentions of) mandatory military service

You’re Mine
CW: Possessiveness, jealousy, emotional manipulation

CW: A vague reference to Minho’s elimination from the survival show If you squint your eyes, anxiety, reference to Chan’s babygirl/daddy incident,
Smut tags 19th of august 2024: anal sex, anal fingering, this one is just soft tbh, barebacking, spit kink if you squint, spit as lube even though they have lube RIGHT THERE

CW: the continuation of the buzzfeed unsolved storyline but less scary???

Sex party
CW: Jealousy, gaslighting, emotional manipulation
Smut tags 14th of September 2024: buttpugs, hotel sex, anal fingering, rimming, handjobs, anal sex, putting the verse in versatile, they get very dirty in this one, cum obsession???, edging

Kiss my feet
CW: getting triggered

Fake it
CW: Break ups (not Jisung & Minho), emotional manipulation, getting triggered pt 2, smoking

Found in space
CW: therapy & talks about therapy, mentions of animal abuse

CW: (Mentions of) mandatory military service, depression & anxiety
Smut tags 3rd of February 2025: blowjobs, masturbation instructions, oil, D/s dynamics, aftercare, talks about going a scene, again with the cum y’all why, Minho calling Jisung a silly baby idk what happened either, ass worship bc this is Minho
Smut tags 3rd of July 2027: blanket fort sex, D/s dynamics but only if you squint your eyes rlly,

Ride or die
No content warnings? A concept

Again! No content warnings! Just a vague mention of a breeding kink somewhere at the end oops.

Thank you for reading!!

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